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On the February of 2019, we'll be launching our latest partner scheme - franchising. Contact us today to find out more!



From RM999 a month, you gain all of the advantages in using our platforms to expand your brand

Automate your transactions

The future is now. No more idling by the counter. No more hiring employees. No more cash handling. Everything is automated from now on. "No MC , no excuses". Put your products in, get your money out.

data in your palms

They say data is the new oil. We've known that from the start. Our internal statistical analysis automatically collects and analyses data, providing you insight on earnings, bestselling products, popular time frames and much more.


Our award-winning AR technology automatically profiles your customers based on their physical features. Combined with our internal statistical analysis, dubbed Anonymous Viewer Analytics (AVA), it provides insight into the links between different customer characteristics and products that they buy.

Connect With The Consumer

Eliminate The Middle Man

When you sell a product through the automated retail kiosks, you obtain the advantage of working directly with us. We get your products from the factory straight to the consumers, effectively disrupting the traditional product pipeline.

No staff overhead
No expensive rental fees
Just pure profit

We Do More With Less

Efficiency at its best

We take pride in having a fully set up store while taking up a minimal footprint, both physically and in carbon. Having a limited amount of space means we have to be smart about how we spend our resources. Our team is always working on maximising the profitability per square feet of the automated kiosks, ensuring that both of our investments pay off.

Minimal carbon footprint
Minimise overheads, maximise profits
Hig ROI per square feet

NexTouch® Technology

Intel Technology Platform
Augmented Reality
4G Enabled
Analytics & Big Data
55-inch Touchscreen
Cash Payment
Dynamic Pricing
Inventory & Telemetrics
Contextual Advertising
Camera Tracking
Cloud Controlled

Compatible Products

Any Size
Electronics & Accessories
Controlled Items


Bill Payment
Insurance Renewal
Mobile Topups

Cashless Payment

See It For Yourself

Jamal will be 9 years old this October. Currently studying in an international school in KL, his biggest interests are in football and in playing video games. Watch as he purchases a football figurine from our kiosk at the FIFA World Cup 2018 Finals screening.

Watch the video >

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