hyperlocal branding

We have kiosks located inside airports, convention centres, healthcare facilities, office buildings, train stations, basically any fast-paced locations you can think of. Your advertisements are guaranteed to reach its target audience in no time, including any age group, gender or class.

ADVert conversion

A crucial part of advertising, visual branding is all about us humans remembering things that are attractive or iconic. Our enormous eye-catching kiosks and their equally large and vibrant displays never fail to attract a crowd, providing the perfect opportunity for you to advertise your businesses, and convert consumers into customers.

enhance your brand

You have a brand with that you want to reach as many people as possible, as soon as possible. We provide exactly that - our large network of kiosks at fast-paced locations means that your ads will catch the attention of tens of thousands of eyes everyday. Your ads on our large vibrant displays will ensure that they remember your brand.

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